Analysis and troubleshooting of common faults in boiler feedwater pumps



Analysis and elimination of motor overheating in electric feed pumps. For feed pumps powered by electric motors, the most common fault is motor overheating. The main reasons for motor overheating are due to high or low voltage, poor transmission, ventilation system failure, or unit failure causing motor overheating. When the motor overheats severely, it can cause insulation damage, rotor bar breakage, and other situations to occur. Therefore, when the motor is found to be overheated, other pneumatic power methods should be used for shutdown and maintenance. The overheating of the motor caused by voltage reasons should be checked in the motor power supply system, and the overheating fault of the boiler feedwater pump motor should be solved by restoring stable power supply. In addition, poor transmission can also cause the motor to overheat. Due to poor transmission between the motor and the feedwater pump, the motor load is too high, resulting in the phenomenon of a small horse pulling a large car. Overloading the motor leads to an increase in temperature. This situation must be repaired in a timely manner to cause unit failure. Thoroughly investigate the traditional systems of electric motors and water pumps, and common traditional blockages are mainly caused by oil shortage and bearing damage in the rotating bearings of the transmission system. Identify the fault point and replace or lubricate it. One of the most common faults caused by motor overheating due to faults in the same subsystem is mainly due to fan damage, blocked ventilation ducts, bearing wear, and other reasons that prevent the ventilation system from performing its duties, resulting in motor overheating and, in severe cases, burning of coils. This situation must be investigated item by item to identify the cause of the malfunction. The problem can be solved by unobstructed ventilation ducts, repairing fans, and replacing bearings.

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