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There are many aquarium water pump manufacturers and suppliers in China, and the following are some well-known brands and manufacturers:

Zhongshan Haiyi Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.: Focused on the research and development, production, and sales of aquatic equipment, including water pumps, air pumps, heating rods, lighting fixtures, filter materials, etc.

Chuangxing Submersible Pump: Guangdong Zhongshan Chuangxing Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aquarium manufacturing enterprise that integrates design, development, production, and sales. Its main products include more than 200 varieties such as submersible pumps, aquarium lighting series, and refrigeration machine series.

Risheng Electric Submersible Pump: Risheng Electric Products Co., Ltd. is one of the large manufacturers specializing in the development and production of aquatic equipment in China, with main products including submersible pumps, aquariums, etc.

Jiabao Fish Tank Submersible Pump: The company has five subsidiary companies with large production bases and authorized total distribution in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country. Its main products include submersible pumps, aquariums, etc.

Haili Seabill: Haili Seabill is a brand under Guangzhou Haibin Aquarium Equipment Co., Ltd. Its main products include submersible pumps, aquariums, etc.

Nissan Submersible Pump: Nissan Submersible Pump is a brand under Guangdong Nissan Group, and its main products include submersible pumps, aquariums, etc.

These brands and manufacturers all have professional production equipment and research and development teams, which can customize various specifications and types of water pumps according to the needs of different customers to meet the needs of different aquariums.

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