Boiler feedwater pump




The boiler feedwater pump is the foundation for the safe and stable operation of boilers. With the application of automation technology in boiler feedwater, modern boiler liquid level automatic regulation system has become the key to safe and stable operation. In recent years, accidents caused by boiler feedwater pump failures have been common. The root cause is that the equipment maintenance department did not grasp the causes of boiler feedwater pump failures well. This article briefly discusses the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of boiler feedwater pumps, providing more reference materials for equipment maintenance departments.




Introduction: The boiler feedwater pump is crucial for the safe and stable operation of the boiler system, and is an important component of the boiler automatic liquid level control system designed and constructed using modern automatic control technology. China has over 400000 boiler equipment, most of which are industrial boilers and power plant boiler systems, with a small portion used in commercial areas such as residential bathrooms. The stable operation of the feedwater pump is the foundation of boiler operation and an important component of modern boiler liquid level control systems. Once the feedwater pump malfunctions, it will seriously endanger the operation safety of the boiler, and even lead to the occurrence of major accidents. Therefore, strengthening the daily maintenance and repair of the boiler system feedwater pump has become an important task for modern boiler maintenance departments.




An analysis of the causes of boiler feedwater pump failure. The feedwater pump system of modern large boilers consists of multiple feedwater pumps, mainly consisting of two to three start-up feedwater pumps, with one or two electric feedwater pumps as backup or auxiliary. This configuration of the feedwater pump is beneficial for starting the standby feedwater pump system to supplement the insufficient supply in case of failure of the feedwater pump main system or inability to meet the boiler operation requirements, avoiding boiler shutdown caused by feedwater pump failure. Common boiler feedwater pump failures are mainly concentrated in the lubricating oil system, ventilation system, speed control system, auxiliary motor overheating, and insufficient flow rate. The basis for eliminating and solving boiler feedwater pump faults is through scientific analysis and identifying the causes of faults. Only by identifying the causes of faults can we avoid the recurrence of similar faults. The following discusses the causes and troubleshooting of different types of faults.

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