Characteristics of variable frequency water pumps




Easy to install and use; All parameters of the water pump test are measured on one machine, without the need to purchase other instruments for easy management; The water pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system is equipped with various analog and digital signal interfaces, which can be directly connected to instruments such as voltage/current sensors, power sensors, transformers, flow meters, tachometers, pressure gauges, electronic valves, PT100 thermistors, torque meters, etc. When in use, only the necessary instruments and equipment need to be connected to the water pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system, and installation is simple, One operator can complete the installation work.




Flexible configuration; The hardware of the water pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system adopts a modular structure and is displayed in a virtual instrument, facilitating interface expansion. Users can choose suitable modules to match their own system according to their own needs, which is more flexible than traditional methods, faster and more convenient for data processing, and more convenient for system maintenance and upgrading.




Humanized operation interface; The comprehensive parameter measurement and control system for water pumps is displayed in the form of virtual instruments, with a user-friendly operation interface. Users can manage the collected data according to their own needs.




Multiple display methods; The virtual instrument interface provides three display modes: digital display, pointer type, and matrix, making the human-machine interface more user-friendly.




Transient data acquisition function; If an electronic torque meter is selected, the input power of the motor will have a transient data acquisition function, which can collect the instantaneous electrical parameters of the motor during startup and generate a transient startup curve.




Standard test reports; After collecting data, the water pump comprehensive parameter measurement and control system can automatically generate a water pump performance test report, which responds to the requirements of relevant national standards.


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