Mechanical installation of water pump




When installing the tap water booster pump, it is necessary to install it horizontally or vertically according to the "installation method" display. The water flow direction should be consistent with the arrow direction on the pump body, and it should be installed as close to the lowest water level as possible. For ease of use and maintenance, a valve should be installed on the pump inlet pipeline. When the liquid level being pumped is lower than the upper end face of the pump impeller or the pump shaft winding, a check valve should be installed on the pump. The outlet end should be connected to a three-way valve for water intake. When using it for the first time, the pump should be filled with water and the screw plug should be tightened. The pipeline connection should be tight, especially the inlet pipeline should not leak air, otherwise the pump head will be reduced or water cannot be pumped. Do not rotate continuously for a long time before water enters the pump chamber to avoid damaging the sealing components.




The motor coil is equipped with a safety protector. When the pump malfunctions or cannot draw water, causing the motor temperature to exceed the specified value, it can automatically break the circuit. After the fault is eliminated and the motor temperature drops, it can automatically resume operation. The booster pump motor is a capacitor operated motor. The rotation direction of the pump has been adjusted when it leaves the factory. If the capacitor needs to be replaced or rewired, please wire according to the arrow direction mark on the pump body. To ensure safe use, it is necessary to use a three core safety socket with a grounding wire. When water leakage is found in the pump, stop the machine immediately to check and prevent internal leakage. If there is water leakage in the connection with the motor, replace the mechanical seal. Check if the power supply is connected. Does the power supply voltage match the operating voltage of the pump. If the above a and b are normal; Please remove the pump, open the pump cover, remove any foreign objects inside the pump, then install the pump cover and tighten it to normal.




When the pump cannot pump water, the pump should be installed on the water pipeline. If the water level is on the upper plane (horizontal installation) or below the centerline (vertical installation) of the pump impeller, the power should be turned off. When the water level rises above the impeller plane or centerline, the power should be turned on again to avoid damaging the components (automatic models do not require power off). When the pump is used to draw well water, please check if there is any air leakage in the inlet pipeline; The water storage in the pump chamber is insufficient, and it should be filled with water. Check if the suction head is too high and adjust it appropriately. Check if the inlet and outlet pipe diameters are too small or blocked. After using the automatic type for a period of time, automatic failure may occur, mainly due to the long-term deposition of metal products such as steel rust in the water pipe. After turning off the power, remove the switch, unscrew the screws on it, take out the plastic sheet and clean it thoroughly. Then, reset it to the original position, adjust it to normal, and it can be reused.

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