Micro high-pressure water pump, self priming high-pressure water pump - with metal mounting base HSP11050T






Main features: 1. Ultra high pressure (11kg MAX), large flow rate (7L/MIN), high suction lift (1m), low noise; Equipped with stable self priming function, without the need to add "water diversion" first, the self priming speed is extremely fast.




2. Free metal installation base: Thickened metal material paired with 4 embedded rubber shock absorbers and high-end waterproof spray paint, truly achieving secure installation, shock absorption, noise reduction, and rust resistance!




Free metal joint: 1 metal thread+1 metal "pagoda" hose joint each, made of thickened material and unique rust prevention technology, ensuring long-term use without damage or rusting! Even if you have strict requirements for connection sealing, you can easily meet the requirements.




3. Dual automatic protection switch for overvoltage and overheating, automatic shutdown protection when the output pressure exceeds the maximum pressure; Automatic protection when the temperature is too high.


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