Pump installation



When installing this type of pump, in addition to meeting the general installation technical requirements, the following points should also be noted:

1. When installing the combination of the motor and water pump, the axial direction of the pump coupling end should be pulled out, and an additional 3-5mm end face clearance value should be left to ensure the axial clearance value between the pump and motor couplings.

Attention: Ensure that the bottom plate is leveled and the equipment is level before grouting

Caution: To ensure successful installation, the coupling adjustment must be correct, and the flexible coupling cannot compensate for any obvious misalignment. Misalignment may cause rapid wear, noise, vibration, and damage to equipment. Therefore, the coupling must be adjusted within the given limits.

Caution: Measures must be taken to support the inlet and outlet pipelines of the pump to prevent excessive load on the pump inlet and outlet

2. The centerline of the pump and motor shaft should be on the same horizontal straight line.

3. The pump can only withstand its own internal forces and cannot withstand any external forces.

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