Technical requirements for self priming centrifugal pumps before installation



(1) The coupling of stainless steel self suction centrifugal pump needs to be tightened with nuts and locked to avoid loosening of the nuts, otherwise it may cause impeller displacement and mechanical failure.

(2) In order to ensure that there is a certain amount of storage liquid in the self suction pump body, which can achieve better self suction capacity and avoid dry wear of the mechanical seal, it is necessary to ensure that the pump is above the centerline of the pump shaft at the inlet.

(3) When corrosion-resistant self priming centrifugal pumps and motors are directly connected for transmission, attention should be paid to the coaxiality of the pump shaft and motor output. The accuracy of centrifugal pump installation directly affects the stable operation and service life of the pump, and requires careful installation and calibration.

(4) When installing a self priming centrifugal pump, it should be ensured that the static grounding resistance of the pump and pipeline meets the specified requirements.

(5) When installing the suction pipeline, attention should be paid to:

The valves and flanges in the suction pipeline should not leak or allow liquid to leak, and there should be no leakage in the suction pipeline.

The installation height of the suction port should not exceed 5 meters. If conditions permit, the installation height of the suction port should be as low as possible below the lower storage level of the pool, and the length of the suction pipe should be shortened as much as possible, reducing the number of bends. This can shorten the self suction time and improve the self suction function.

Solid and other debris should be avoided from being sucked into the pump body, and a filter should be installed on the suction pipeline. The effective drainage area of the filter should be two to three times the cross-sectional area of the suction pipe, and the filter needs to be regularly inspected.

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