When installing and using water pumps, the following external accessories are often paired



1. Pressure tank: The pressure tank is used to stabilize the water supply pressure. When the water pump starts, a portion of the water is pushed into the pressure tank. When the water pressure reaches the set value, the water pump stops running, and the water in the pressure tank continues to supply water to the pipeline, maintaining a stable water pressure. When the water pressure drops below the set value, the pressure inside the pressure tank decreases, and the water pump restarts to push out the water inside the pressure tank to maintain stable water pressure.

2. Adapter: The adapter is used to connect different interfaces or specifications between the water pump and the pipeline. When the interface between the water pump and the pipeline does not match, a conversion joint can be used for connection to ensure tight and sealed connection.

Raw material belt

3. Raw material tape: Raw material tape is a sealing material used for sealing the connection between water pumps and pipelines. It can prevent water leakage at the connection between the water pump and pipeline, ensuring sealing performance. When installing the water pump, wrapping the raw material tape around the threaded part of the connection between the water pump and the pipeline can increase the sealing effect.

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