The use of water pumps in daily life



In the field of water pump usage, the first thing that comes to mind is the use of water. Whether it's drinking water, washing water, or even polluted water in cities, we all need household water pumps to provide services. Without a water pump, our basic survival would be a problem. Not only the city's water supply, but also the household water purifiers we use at home. There is a water pump device inside, which helps us purify water. Regardless of the aspect, there are many types of water pumps, each with different sizes, volumes, and functions. So many people believe that water pumps have little impact on us, which is incorrect.

In fact, the water pump I want to talk about here has a very wide range of uses. Both civilian and military, as well as scientific and technological fields, require pumps, especially in industrial sectors such as mining, chemical engineering, and metallurgy. It is a universal mechanical equipment that is widely used. The vast majority of pumps are damaged due to corrosion or severe corrosion, and the production department spends a large amount of money every year to maintain and update the pumps. The pumps made of various materials such as cast iron, bronze, rubber lining, stainless steel, titanium alloy, etc. used in China's mining, chemical and other departments, as well as in the Yellow River water conservancy project, all have problems such as easy wear, short service life, and frequent failures. This phenomenon indicates that pump failure is not only a matter of material, but also reminds pump designers and producers that in addition to good working conditions, pumps should also have good corrosion resistance, high reliability, and long service life. In addition to using conventional design methods of fluid mechanics, the design of pumps should also comprehensively select materials based on the properties of corrosive media, anti cavitation theory, corrosion mechanism, and pump stress characteristics. In order to extend its service life, protective measures should be taken and a comprehensive optimization design method should be adopted.

According to statistics, the average annual sales volume of water pumps and generators is tens of thousands, accounting for over 90% of the city's market sales rate. In markets with numerous products, more and more people are purchasing water pumps and generators. The water pump and generator market formed at the beginning of construction has gradually formed a certain scale after more than a decade of rapid development. In the early stage, to meet the needs of market development, mechanical and electrical products such as pumps and generators were collectively relocated to the second phase market for operation. The favorable business environment has promoted the continuous expansion of the pump and generator sales network group.

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