Common faults of water pumps




1. Abnormal vibration




Main reason: The foundation bolts of the water pump base are not tightened or loose; The outlet pipe does not have independent support, and the stability of the pipeline affects the water pump; The quality of the impeller is unbalanced, causing damage or loose installation; The upper and lower bearings of the water pump are damaged




Troubleshooting: Tighten all foundation bolts evenly; Install independent pipeline support for the water pump to prevent the flange of the water pump outlet pipe from bearing load; Repair or replace the impeller; Replace the upper and lower bearings of the water pump




2. Insufficient traffic




Main reason: The installation height of the water pump is relatively high, causing the impeller to be unable to fully immerse, resulting in a decrease in the water output of the water pump; The water pump rotates in the opposite direction; The outlet valve cannot be opened; The water outlet pipeline is not smooth or the impeller is blocked; The wear-resistant ring at the lower end of the water pump is severely worn or blocked by debris; The density or viscosity of the pumped liquid is too high; Impeller detachment or damage; Multiple water pumps share a common pipeline for output, and the sealing of the one-way valve is not tight or there is no one-way valve installed




Troubleshooting: Control the allowable deviation of the installation elevation of the water pump and do not arbitrarily expand it; Before running the water pump, the motor should be allowed to idle and the direction of rotation of the water pump should be checked. If the direction of rotation is incorrect, check whether the phase sequence of the power supply is incorrect; Check valves and regularly maintain them; Clean up blockages in pipelines and impellers, and regularly salvage debris from the reservoir; Replace the wear ring and clean the debris; Reassign suitable pumps; Reinstallation or direct replacement; Install the check valve and replace it with a check valve seal




3. Unable to start




Main reason: Poor contact between power switch and plug; The fuse of the control circuit has burned out; The fuse of the main circuit has burned out; The capacitor of the two-phase submersible pump is burnt out; Asynchronous three-phase submersible pump


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