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A thin film that has selectivity for substances passing through is called a semi permeable film. Generally, a thin film that can only pass through solvents but cannot pass through solutes is called an ideal semi permeable film. When the same volume of dilute solution (such as fresh water) and concentrated solution (such as saline water) are placed on both sides of the semi permeable membrane, the solvent in the dilute solution will naturally pass through the semi permeable membrane and spontaneously flow towards the side of the concentrated solution. This phenomenon is called permeation.




When the permeation reaches equilibrium, the liquid level on the concentrated solution side will be higher than the liquid level of the dilute solution by a certain height, forming a pressure difference, which is called osmotic pressure. The magnitude of osmotic pressure depends on the inherent properties of the solution, which are related to the type, concentration, and temperature of the concentrated solution and independent of the properties of the semi permeable membrane. If a pressure greater than osmotic pressure is applied on one side of the concentrated solution, the flow direction of the solvent will be opposite to the original osmotic direction, starting to flow from the concentrated solution to the dilute solution side. This process is called reverse osmosis.





The usage method and environment of pet water dispenser water pump


The pet water dispenser water pump is mainly a 5V small and micro water pump, which is energy-saving and saves more than 50% of electricity compared to ordinary water pumps. 5V low-voltage DC, focused on safety. Pure copper motor, carbon free brush, pollution-free, electronic commutation, low heat generation, high efficiency, and ultra long service life. The shell is made of high-quality plastic, which is corrosion-resistant, impact resistant, durable, acid and alkali resistant, and corrosion-resistant. The stator and circuit board of the motor are sealed with epoxy resin and completely isolated from the rotor, solving the leakage problem caused by long-term immersion of the water pump and completely waterproof. The shaft core is made of high-quality stainless steel. Suitable for desktop fish tanks and pet water dispensers and other water circulation equipment, this lightweight mini suction cup is compact and lightweight. When the front cover is closed, the suction cup can easily adhere to a flat surface, not easy to fall off, and can also be silent and noise reducing.




USB mini water pump


Pet water dispenser water pumps require long lifespan, reliable performance, no maintenance, small size, high efficiency, and low noise. The 5V DC water pump is a magnetic isolation pump without carbon brushes. The commutation of the water pump is completed by electronic components and is not affected by carbon brushes, so the water pump has a long service life and reliable performance. The stator of the 5V DC water pump is fixed, the rotor rotates, and the structure is simple. During the operation of the water pump, water self lubricates without the need for lubricating oil, so the water pump does not require maintenance.




External dimensions of USB DC water pump


Excellent 5V DC water pump mechanism: The inlet and outlet of the water pump are completely connected to the motor rotor. When the water pump is working, the outlet and inlet of the water pump can reach a good balance. The water flow loss is small, the efficiency is high, the flow head fluctuation is small, and the performance is stable. The electronic rotor cavity is completely isolated from the motor electronics. All circuit parts are sealed with epoxy resin, and the waterproof level of the water pump can reach IP68. The 5V DC water pump is safe and hygienic, Environmental protection and energy conservation (due to the fact that brushless is electronically controlled, there is no spark generated, no carbon brush dust pollution, and the water pump uses safe DC power supply, which is safe and reliable during use), the 5V DC water pump has a long service life, with a theoretical lifespan of over 20000 hours. The starting method of the 5V DC water pump is a complete electronic circuit soft start, which has no impact during startup, low power consumption, and can start and stop frequently without affecting the product's service life.

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