Biogas type water pump





Pneumatic booster pumps are divided into gas-liquid booster pumps and gas booster pumps. The principle of a booster pump is to use the low air pressure of a large area piston to generate high hydraulic pressure of a small area piston. In the industrial field, it is used for clamping machine tool chucks, inflating accumulators, inflating high-pressure cylinders, and converting compressed gas into high-pressure gas. Any gas source with insufficient pressure, whether mechanical or testing equipment, can use a booster pump.




It is driven by gas, without arc or spark, and is completely used in places with flammable and explosive liquids or gases. Regardless of the cause of the pressure drop in the pressure maintaining circuit, the booster pump will automatically start to replenish the leakage pressure and maintain a constant circuit pressure. Compressed air, nitrogen, steam, natural gas, etc. can all be used as driving gas sources for pumps



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