Air and chlorine water pumps





The principle of an air booster pump is to use the low air pressure of a large area piston to generate high hydraulic pressure of a small area piston. The air booster pump is used in the working environment where the original air pressure system needs to increase the pressure, and can increase the air pressure of the working system to 2-5 times. Only compressed air in the working system needs to be used as the air source. This pump is suitable for single gas source boosting. No power supply required (can be used in areas that require explosion-proof). Within the pressure range of the pump, adjust the regulating valve to regulate the intake pressure, and correspondingly adjust the output hydraulic pressure infinitely.


The working pressure range of the chlorine booster pump is large, and different models of pumps can be selected to obtain different pressure zones. The input and output air pressure can be adjusted accordingly by adjusting the input air pressure. Can reach extremely high pressure, gas 90Mpa. The flow range is wide, and all types of pumps can operate smoothly with only 0.1Kg air pressure. At this time, the minimum flow rate can be obtained, and different flow rates can be obtained by adjusting the intake volume. Easy to control, it can meet the requirements from simple manual control to complete automatic control. Automatic restart, regardless of the cause of the pressure drop in the pressure maintaining circuit, will automatically restart to replenish the leakage pressure and maintain a constant circuit pressure. Safe to operate, gas driven, no arc or spark, suitable for use in hazardous situations.

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