Air booster pump



An air booster pump, also known as a gas booster valve, is a high-pressure fluid that generates a small area of piston end driven by low-pressure gas from the large area piston end. It can be used to compress air and other gases, and the output pressure can be continuously adjusted by driving the pressure. Used in working environments where the original air pressure system needs to increase pressure.

The principle of imported AV series and Haskel series air booster pumps is to use the low air pressure of large area pistons to generate high hydraulic pressure of small area pistons. The air booster pump is used in the working environment where the original air pressure system needs to increase the pressure, and can increase the air pressure of the working system to 2-5 times. Only compressed air in the working system needs to be used as the air source. This pump is suitable for single gas source boosting.

The maximum working pressure can reach 40 bar

Maximum flow rate: 1350L/min

When the set pressure is reached, there is no additional energy consumption. No power required (can be used in areas that require explosion-proof)

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