The trend of technological innovation in the lightweight and modular pump industry



Energy conservation and emission reduction require technological innovation

With the continuous progress of technology, technological innovation in the lightweight and modular pump industry has become a trend. Pump products will inevitably develop towards intelligence, capable of monitoring parameters such as pressure, flow rate, temperature, and vibration; Able to evaluate the condition of the pump shaft, bearings, and seals; Can diagnose the cause of the malfunction, etc. The technological development of the magnetic pump and diaphragm pump industries will be concentrated in designing electronic control systems, improving driving devices, and seeking new materials.

The scientization of theory and design methods is necessary. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the basic theoretical research of pumps and pay attention to the mutual infiltration of interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary, and emerging disciplines. The focus of theoretical research is on the measurement, numerical simulation, and performance prediction of internal flow in pumps; Numerical calculation of one-dimensional viscous flow; The theory and application of multiphase flow; Optimization design and diversification of pump design.

High technology in production and manufacturing is the fundamental guarantee for products to be cost-effective and of good quality. By utilizing advanced computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology, not only does it ensure the design quality of the product, but it also shortens the design cycle, greatly improves product design capabilities, optimizes design schemes, and ensures product reliability. At the same time, the application of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems (CIMS) and virtual technology greatly shortens the production cycle of pump products and ensures their performance.

Modular pump technology is an important trend in the development of pump industry technology. In modular pump series, only a few parts are needed to form the entire pump series, which can reduce production costs, shorten delivery time, and reduce inventory of components and spare parts. Personalized development requires products to gradually move towards multi variety and small batch development.

In recent years, the development and application of various new materials have been an important factor in promoting the development of pump technology. The components of the pump are made of various new materials, which mainly extend the service life and reliability of the pump in corrosive media, and expand the scope of pump use. At the same time, coating technology and surface treatment technology of materials have become increasingly important in improving the flow characteristics and corrosion resistance of pumps, and have broad application prospects.

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