Possible pump malfunctions and solutions




1. The water pump does not absorb water; The pointers of pressure and vacuum gauges jump violently

Insufficient water injected into the water pump; Air leakage from water pump or instrument

Inject water into the water pump again; Tighten or block the air leakage outlet

2. The water pump does not absorb water, and the vacuum gauge shows high vacuum

The inlet pipeline is not open or blocked; Excessive water absorption resistance; The water absorption height is too high and exceeds the allowable value

Check the water inlet pipeline; Clean or replace the suction pipe; Reduce water absorption height

3. Look at the pressure gauge. There is pressure at the outlet of the water pump, but the water pump still does not discharge

The resistance of the water outlet pipe is too high; The rotation direction is incorrect; Impeller clogging; Insufficient water pump speed

Check or shorten the outlet pipe; Change the direction of the motor rotation; Clean the impeller; Increase the speed of the water pump shaft

4. Traffic lower than expected

Water pump blockage; Excessive wear of sealing rings; Insufficient rotational speed

Clean the water pump and pipelines; Replace the sealing ring; Increase the speed of the water pump shaft

5. The power consumption of the water pump is too high

The packing gland is too tight; Impeller wear; Increase in water pump supply

Loosen the packing gland or remove the packing and square it; Replace the impeller; Adjusting the gate valve to reduce flow rate

6. The water pump produces abnormal sound during operation, and the flow rate decreases until no water is discharged; Early wear of balance device

The gate valve is opened too wide; The resistance of the suction pipe is too high; Air seeps into the water absorption area; Excessive water absorption height; The temperature of the conveyed liquid is too high

Adjust the gate valve to reduce flow; Check the suction pipeline; Check the bottom valve; Reduce water absorption height; Tighten or block the leaking area; Reduce liquid temperature

7. Water pump vibration

The pump shaft and motor shaft are not on the same centerline

Align the centerline of the pump and motor shafts

8 bearing overheating

No oil or oil stains; The pump shaft and motor shaft are not on the same centerline

Injecting or changing oil; Align the centerline of the shaft

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