Silent Aquarium Sumberible Pump for Fish Tank

Product introduction

Silent Aquarium Sumberible Pump for Fish Tank

● Hard and soft start: The pump can reach the running speed set within 20s after power-on when there is water.

● Protection function: The system has the blocking protection, waterless function, open-phase protection and overvoltage protection

● Non-water protection: It is allowed that the pump can slowly revolve without load for 5s when it is electrified for the first time. And the pump will work at a regular speed if it is detected that there is water in the pump during the slow operation period. The non-water protection function will be triggered immediately if it is detected that there is no water in the pump during its nemal working. "Err' is displayed on the' digital tube". That is the whole working cycle under this mode.

● Phase shortage protection: When one of the motor three-phase winding is disconnected and has no connection, it will execute the system protection.

● Automatic restart: After the protective function of the system is started, the pump will be started automatically 5s later. After the protective condition still exists, the protective function will be started again, and an alarm will be given. "Err" is displayed on "digital tube". After the pump is restarted and can run normally for 1 min, the number of protection will reset and will not be added up. The pump will be restarted 5s after the non-water protection is started,and the function will be restarted after running for 5s.

● Functions of keys:

①Mode key: The mode key features the operation function and wave making function.

Operation function: By pressing the "model" key, "101" will be displayed on the "digital tube".*1" refers to the operation mode and that the pup is pumping water. "O1" refers to the gear. There are 12 gears. "101-112" gears can be achieved by regulating the gear key. Under the gear 1, the flow rate and head are the minimum. Under the gear 12, the flow rate the head are the maximum. Users

can choose a suitable gear as needed. Pressing the "feed" key can pause operation of the pump. And pressing the "feed' key again can restart the pump.

Wave making function: Under the operation status, if you press the mode key again, "201" will be displayed on the "digital tube" And "2" refers to the "wave making" mode. It means that the pumpis making waves. "O1" refers to the gear.

There are 12 gears in total. Gears from "201" to "212"can be achieved by regulating the gear. Different gears from 01 to 12 represent different wave making speeds. The wave making speed is the fastest under gear "01", and it is the slowest under gear "12' Pressing the "feed" key can pause operation of the pump. The user can restart the "feed" key torecover the wave making function.

②Gear key: Gear can be increased and decreased by pressing the "gear" key. Under the wave making mode, gear can be increased from "201" to "212" Under the operation mode, the gear can be increased from "101" to "112"

③"Feed" key The "feed" key features pause and stop functions. D Feed function:

By pressing the "feed" key, "F10" is displayed on the "digital tube" which means the feed function has been started, and the pump stops working. Water keeps still for feeding fish. "F10" displayed means 10min. And then countdown begins.

When "FO" is displayed, countdown finishes. After 10min, the mode before feed will be restarted. If reworking is needed under the feed mode, the user can press the "feed" key twice to recover the mode before feed. (2 Stop function: When the pump needs to be stopped, the user can press the "feed" key twice to make the digital tube display

"OFF" (F10 displayed by the digital tube when it is pressed for the first time), and then the pump stops running. When the pump needs to be restarted, the user can press the "feed" key once to recover the working status before stop.

● Fault alarm: Indication: The "digital tube" displays "Err" and gives an interval flashing alarm when the systemdetects the fault protection.

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