12V brushless water pump, water and gas dual purpose pump - WKY series








Main features: 1. Micro brushless water pump WKY series, belonging to the long-life water pump, has a very unique dual purpose pump for air and water extraction. The working medium can be gas and liquid, oil-free, pollution-free, and maintenance-free




2. Can withstand high temperatures (100 degrees); Extremely small in size (smaller than the palm of the hand); Capable of long-term idle and dry running, pumping water and air when encountering water;




3. Long service life: Driven by high-quality brushless motors, manufactured with better raw materials, equipment, and processes, all moving parts use durable products to comprehensively improve pump life.




4. Low interference: does not interfere with surrounding electronic components, does not pollute the power supply, and does not cause control circuits, LCD screens, and other crashes;




5. Large flow rate (up to 1.0L/min), fast self priming (up to 3 meters);




6. Equipped with comprehensive self-protection automatic shutdown function;

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