Brushless DC water pump - WNY series








Main features: 1. The WNY series of micro water pumps are adjustable flow micro water pumps, with unique dual purpose functions of air and water extraction. They can operate continuously day and night for a long time, without being damaged due to water shortage or idling. Low noise, low energy consumption, and can be installed in any direction;




2. High flow rate and fast self priming. Directly adjusting the motor speed through "duty cycle" is more advanced than the "voltage reduction and speed adjustment" of brushless motors, with a wider adjustable range (20% -100%) and longer lifespan! Paired with the speed control box of "Xinweicheng" company, adjusting the flow rate is simpler and more convenient!




3. Can withstand high temperatures (100 degrees); Extremely small in size (smaller than the palm of the hand); Long lifespan, high-quality brushless motor drive, all moving parts use durable products, comprehensively improving pump life.




4. Low interference: does not interfere with surrounding electronic components, does not pollute the power supply, and does not cause control circuits, LCD screens, and other crashes


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