Disassembly sequence of water pump impeller



The impeller of a water pump is one of the core components of a water pump. The water pump transfers the mechanical energy or other external energy of the prime mover to the liquid medium, ensuring an increase in liquid energy. A pump is a mechanical device that can pump liquids or pressurize liquids. The impeller of the water pump needs to be replaced after long-term wear and tear.

As is well known, the impeller of energy-saving water pumps is one of the core components of energy-saving pumps. The reason why high-efficiency energy-saving water pumps have high output and high speed is inseparable from the impeller of energy-saving water pumps. Once the water pump is used for too long, it can cause rust and wear on the impeller inside. At this point, it is necessary to replace the impeller of the water pump. For the disassembly of the impeller of the water pump, if the user has the conditions, it still needs to be sent to professional technical personnel for replacement. Disassembly is not very difficult, and installation is relatively more complex. As the installation of the impeller requires the user to have a certain technical ability, if the clearance between the impeller is too large or too small, it will affect the normal output and speed of the water pump. The following explains the disassembly sequence of water pump impellers for reference by users.

Usually, the pump body is disassembled, and then there is a top screw at the bottom of the impeller, which is screwed onto the shaft, making it difficult to unscrew. Energy saving water pump companies suggest that you use a casing wrench. After unscrewing it, you can use a tool to hold the edge of the impeller and rotate the top shaft impeller to remove it smoothly.

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