Measures to prevent intake of high suction self suction pumps



High suction self suction pumps have the characteristics of high flow rate and high suction head. However, after a long period of use, high suction self suction pumps inevitably encounter some small problems such as air intake or leakage. In this case, it is necessary to find the reason for the air intake or leakage of the high suction self suction pump in order to effectively prevent the air intake of the high suction self suction pump. The editor of Shanghai Changzheng Pump Valve has compiled some measures to prevent the intake of high suction self suction pumps for your reference only.

(1) The installation position of the high suction self suction pump should be as close to the water surface as possible to ensure that no air is sucked in when the water level drops.

(2) When installing the suction pipeline, the horizontal inlet pipe should be slightly tilted downwards or installed horizontally in the direction of the incoming water. The inlet pipe should not be higher than the inlet of the suction pump at any point, otherwise the air in the pipe cannot be discharged completely.

(3) Pay attention to exhaust. Before starting the high suction self suction pump, it should be filled with enough water to discharge the air inside the pump. Normally, the vent plug on the pump cover should be opened regularly to discharge the air that has accumulated in the pump.

(4) The self suction pump is equipped with a vent plug. In order to facilitate venting, a faucet with the same thread size can be used instead of the vent plug. During the venting process, the faucet can be opened.

(5) The bottom valve of a self priming pump should have sufficient submergence depth, and the submergence depth should be equal to twice the outer diameter of the bottom valve when calculated from the valve plane. If the submergence is too shallow, it is easy to form vortices, which can lead to air intake and cavitation, causing damage to the pump casing and impeller. If it is found that the inlet water level drops rapidly during the operation of the self priming pump, a few wooden boards can be placed on the water surface to reduce vortices and prevent air from entering the pump casing.

(6) A flange can be used to connect the water inlet pipe. Before installation, the contact area between the two flanges needs to be cleaned, and a 3mm~5mm rubber pad needs to be added in the middle. The bolts need to be tightened symmetrically in several stages one by one.

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