Selection and purchase of water pump machinery




The power level is not important when measuring the performance of a water pump, but rather the efficiency of the unit. At the same head and flow rate, the efficiency is high with low power, which means good performance. There are labeling methods for the maximum head flow rate and rated head flow rate of water pumps. Most water pumps on the market are labeled based on the maximum head flow rate. Some manufacturers have labels that are outrageous, such as ordinary 90W and 120W copper pump head booster pumps, with standard powers of 80W (maximum head 10 meters) and 120W (maximum head 13 meters).




Some businesses, in order to achieve good sales, change their traffic to 100w (maximum lift 12-15 meters) and 150w (maximum lift 15-20 meters), with terrifying high traffic. There is also a self priming pump, with a theoretical suction head of 10 meters. Due to the presence of pump cavitation margin (water vaporization caused by roughness in pump head manufacturing), the effective suction head of the self priming pump is 8-8.5 meters. But merchants label these parameters beyond imagination in order to attract customer attention. So before purchasing a water pump, it is important to inquire with the seller about the actual parameters of the pump, such as the actual head and flow rate, to avoid any inconvenience. When the booster pump is in operation, the flow rate is maximum at zero head, and the flow rate is zero at the highest head. Based on the changes in flow rate and head at each operating point, the working curve of the water pump can be drawn, which is the performance characteristic curve of the water pump. The selection of water pump needs to be determined based on the site, such as the length of the pipeline, the size of the pipe diameter, the number of elbows, the capacity of the water heater, the type of water heater, the water output of the nozzle, and so on. Especially for pressure electric water heaters, due to their special installation, it is necessary to choose pumps with slightly larger output, and small flow pumps are difficult to achieve results. Pipeline pressurization does not mean that everything is fine with the installation of a water pump. There are many reasons for low water pressure, such as pipeline aging, especially galvanized pipes, which gradually rust after years of use, leading to pipeline blockage and reduced water flow; There are also too many 90 degree elbows, which can cause a decrease in water output. The low water pressure caused by these reasons is not very effective after installing a water pump.




Booster pumps have a characteristic that when the pipeline flow cannot keep up with or exceed the flow rate of the water pump, the boosting effect is not significant. So before choosing a water pump, it is important to investigate the reasons for the low water pressure and not blindly purchase the pump. If you want to make a purchase, it is recommended to consult a plumber or seek advice from an experienced merchant. The benefit of seeking advice from merchants is that in case the boosting effect of the water pump is not ideal, they can confidently request the merchant to exchange or return it.


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