Installation method of self suction centrifugal pump



Self suction centrifugal pump refers to a centrifugal pump that, except for the first start-up, does not require pumping during the second start-up, and can automatically extract air from the suction tube and pump liquid normally. Self suction centrifugal pump is a structural form of centrifugal pump. The installation method of a self-priming centrifugal pump is to first prepare the self-priming centrifugal pump, then connect the outlet pipe to the outlet pipe of the self-priming pump, and then connect the inlet pipe to the pipe as well. Then place the pipe of the inlet pipe in the water tank, and turn on the power of the self suction centrifugal pump. At this time, connect the outlet to the faucet and the water can be discharged normally.

1. The coupling of a self suction centrifugal pump needs to be tightened with a nut and locked to avoid loosening, otherwise it may cause the impeller to move and cause mechanical failure.

To ensure that a certain amount of storage liquid is stored in the pump body, which can achieve good self suction capacity and avoid dry wear of the mechanical seal, it is necessary to ensure that the inlet of the self suction pump is higher than the centerline of the pump shaft.

When self suction centrifugal pumps and motors are directly connected for transmission, attention should be paid to the coaxiality of the pump shaft and motor output. The correct installation of self priming pumps will have a significant impact on the stable operation and service life of centrifugal pumps, and careful installation and calibration are required.

4. When installing a self suction plastic centrifugal pump, it should be ensured that the electrostatic grounding resistance of the centrifugal pump and pipeline can meet its specified requirements.

During the installation process, it is necessary to strictly check whether there are any stones, iron sand, or other foreign objects in the pipeline and pump casing. If there are any, they should be removed immediately.

6. Correct the installation clearance and coaxiality of the self priming pump coupling and motor coupling, and the allowable error for different axial degrees should not exceed the specified range. The height difference between the pump shaft and the motor shaft can be adjusted by placing copper or iron sheets on the feet.

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