Disassembly sequence of water pump impeller



(1) Unscrew the bolts on the pressure bearing cover of the ejected side shaft, and then remove the connecting nuts between the ejected section, bearing body, and packing box body to disassemble the entire bearing component.

(2) Unscrew the round nut on the shaft, then remove the bearing inner ring, bearing cover, and gear sleeve in sequence, and then remove the packing body.

(3) Remove the O-ring, balance plate, shaft sleeve, and key, and then remove the discharge section.

(4) After disassembling the final stage impeller and key, remove the middle section. Using the same method, disassemble the remaining stages of impellers, guide vanes, and middle sections all the way to the final stage impeller.

(5) Remove the connecting nut between the water absorption section and the bearing body from the bolt on the bearing pressure connection, and then remove the bearing components.

(6) Extract the shaft from the suction section, unscrew the fixing nut on the shaft, and then remove the bearing inner ring, O-ring seal, shaft sleeve, and gear sleeve in sequence.

(7) When disassembling the impeller of the circulating water pump, it is necessary to measure the axial displacement and radial runout of the rotor, and record the measurement immediately. After one revolution of the rotor, the larger to smaller value at the same measuring point is the jumping amount at that point.

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