Characteristics of energy-saving water pumps



Energy saving and high efficiency

Due to the lack of a balancing device, the high-efficiency energy-saving pump rotor loses the friction and axial pulsation of the balancing system, and there is no balance water leakage. The volume loss will be reduced, and the actual performance parameters are better than the design requirements. The efficiency will be improved by an average of 2% to 5% compared to traditional multi-stage centrifugal pumps, and the shaft power will be reduced. Overall, the operating efficiency will be improved, and the operating cost will be reduced.

New structure

The unique energy-saving core technology, modular design, and installation dimensions can be interchanged with CZW horizontal centrifugal pumps. The exterior design uses ribbed panels that combine conceptual decoration with enhanced pressure, making it more aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Safe and reliable

The multi-stage pump eliminates axial force balancing mechanisms such as balance plates and uses impeller symmetrical arrangement. The axial thrust generated during operation can achieve self phase balance, completely preventing efficiency degradation, shaft breakage, and component damage caused by changes in working conditions. The pump shaft is always in a tensile state, thereby improving the rigidity and critical speed of the pump, and improving the smoothness and reliability of the pump operation.

Low maintenance costs

The alignment of the rotor components is very good, and the impeller can only perform circular motion without friction with other parts. Efficient and energy-saving water pumps have long fault free operation time, few vulnerable parts, and low maintenance costs.

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